small Golden Dawn LogoSince October of 2008 we are happy to report that we have been able to award grants to eighteen families totaling over $35,000.00. With Tria's continuing support and help from all of you we hope to be able to give many more grants in the years to come.

The Weeks Family
In late September 2012 Liz joined the Weeks family. On October 27th Sandy Weeks said, “We have been back from China about a month now, and finally feel like we have our feet under ourselves and are into a daily routine. Yay! Liz really is a tiny one. Though she just turned three, she barely fits into a size 2T. She does have a little tummy that sticks out, though. It's super cute! We have learned that Liz is easy-going -- except when she is stubborn :). She loves to laugh and have fun and will readily smile. She LOVES her older siblings and squeals with delight when they come home from school every day. Her medical treatment so far has been good. She has had one appointment with hematology and one transfusion, with another one scheduled for Nov 1. We are having some insurance issues getting some of her testing done, but we anticipate starting her on an important medication within the next 4-6 weeks. We are excited because she will have been able to go four full weeks between transfusions this time, instead of the three week interval China said she was getting. We feel she is in good hands. Thanks again so much for your help in bringing Liz home. We can't imagine our family without her."
Weeks family at airport

Weeks family at airport

Liz Weeks and brother

Liz Weeks and Brother

The Anderson Family
On March 10, 2012 Sharon’s father David Bills passed away. Before his death he asked that in lieu of flowers donations be made to Golden Dawn Adoption Assistance to help with our grant program. Most of the grant given to the Anderson family came as a result of the generous donations of Dave’s friends and family. The Andersons arrived home on Friday August 17, 2012 and are doing well. Keith and Pam write, “We were in country for 8 weeks. It has been an amazing journey and we are so blessed. Thank you for making our adoption possible by giving a grant in honor of your father. We thank you all so very much!”
Anderson family

Anderson family Portrait

Anderson Girls

Anderson Girls

The Linboom Family
The Linbooms brought their children home in the spring of 2011. "We wanted to share the good news with you that our children are finally home! On April 25th, almost two years after we first started our journey, Zechariah Prince and Emmanuella Grace came home to their forever family. There were so many unexpected challenges along the way—an uncooperative DCFS officer, lost referrals, an adoption shutdown in our region, a new social welfare director requiring a new process, a fire in the courthouse, paperwork not getting printed or containing errors—it was a struggle for their homecoming until the moment we stepped on the plane. But God’s timing is perfect and His plan is perfect. He held every tear we cried along the way and was faithful to give us the two most perfect children for our family. The extra hurdles often brought extra expenses; your grant came through at a critical moment in our process. God’s provision for our needs amazed us every step of the way. We cannot thank you enough for being part of our family’s story!"
Linboom family

Linboom Family

Children Playing drums

Children Playing Drums

The Ranheim Family
DeAnna Ranheim writes, "We began the journey of adopting a child from China in June of 2007... and decided to change to a waiting child in January of 2011 hoping to bring a child home sooner. We saw our beautiful daughter's picture on March 7, 2011 and had her in our arms on June 7, 2011! It was a busy three months! We had spent our savings keeping everything updated and began this journey on faith alone! We really didn't know how we were going to be able to afford the many fees in only three months! I would go to bed stressed out and then say a prayer and put it in God's hands that He would show us a way. Golden Dawn was one of our many answered prayers! We cried tears of happiness when they called and said we were approved for a grant! The money they gave us was needed at exactly that time in our lives. This happened to us over and over- a fee would be needed and somehow that amount would be donated or I'd find a way to make a little extra money. It was an amazing journey and I still get teary eyed thinking about it! Golden Dawn will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we hope we'll be able to "pay it forward" someday! We named our daughter Katelyn Faith because it truly was faith that made all of this happen. Golden Dawn had faith in us and believed in us and we just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!" You can read more about the Ranheim family's journey at the Ranheim Family Blog
Ranheim family

Ranheim family (Portrait by Spryos Heniadias)

Katelyn Ranheim

Katelyn Ranheim

The Sanders Family
"Our family wanted to thank you for the grant you awarded us. It was a huge help in bringing our boys home. They have been such a blessing in our lives and you were part of helping to make that happen." Stacey and Richard Sanders
Sanders family

Sanders Family

The Stewart Family
The Stewarts brought Ian home on August 24, 2011 from St. Petersburg, Russia. Gretchen Stewart says, "Ian's transition to home has been a miracle, and we feel so blessed to be witnessing his transformation. For 5 years, Ian did not use words to speak, he only made sounds. After just two months home, Ian is speaking and learning at lightning speed! He can count to ten in English and is using signs to communicate. While he will require heart surgery, he is in excellent overall health. Ian is happy and learning to live as a member of a family. When we first met Ian, he screamed at any attempt by us to touch him. Now, he gives and receives affection to all of us and he craves hugs and kisses!... We are eternally grateful for your assistance, which came at a time when we were facing a very big financial mountain to move to rescue Ian. Your gift provided significant relief for us and reassurance that we could find the strength, faith, and determination to continue on to remaining funds. Ian's adoption topped $47,000 in total, and his life in exchange for that is - priceless." Read more about Ian's adoption on Ian's adoption blog and you can read about the Stewart family on the Stewart family blog.
Stewart family

Stewart Family

Gretchen and Ian Stewart

Gretchen and Ian

The Hirshi Family
Kim Hirshi writes, "EmmaLi is a gift and though there is no birth Mom to thank personally I think of her often. She gave her precious daughter life and saw to it that she had the best chance at life when she left her to be found at the hospital. When we got to visit the hospital even though it was no special building it just seemed sacred to me. I can't imagine the depths of sorrow yet tremendous courage to leave EmmaLi there. She was found with money and clothing and her birthday pinned to her. The police report read 'there is rarely possibility to be alive'. She was 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs.)... We love our EmmaLi and thanks everyone that had a hand in getting us to her!" You can read more about the Hirshi's adoption journey on their blog at the Hirschi family blog
Picture of Hirschis with EmmaLi in front of LDS temple

Hirschis with EmmaLi in front of LDS temple.

picture of EmmaLi


The Fillmore Family
After a journey of nearly two years Heather and Jeremy Fillmore brought Anya home from Russia on March 29, 2011 and started their eternal journey together. Heather says, "...she's awesome and happy and adjusting to normal life better than I ever imagined she would! I can't believe what a trooper she has been through all of this." To see pictures and to read their adoption story go to the Fillmore adoption blog. Although Heather says she won't be adding new posts to this blog now that Anya is home you can go to the Fillmore family blog and keep up with their forever family.
The Johnston Family
The Johnstons brought Emma home from China in November of 2010. Amber Johnston says, "We are home from China! Emma is doing wonderful. She is adjusting so well. The kids are adjusting to her as well. Emma is the terrific "finale" to our family. She is full of sass, spunk and smiles!!" You can read more about the Johnston's adoption journey at the Johnston family blog
Picture of Johnston's with Emma in China

Johnston's with Emma in China.

picture of Emma smiling

Emma is all smiles

The Saare Family
The Saare family brought Hudson home from China in August of 2010. Amber Saare says, "I hope these pictures of him will show you how happy he is. Thank you again for your family's care for ours during this adoption process. God used you to help bring our family together!"
picture of Saare Family

(Above) The Saare family.

(Right) Hudson in his high chair.

picture of Hudson in high chair

The Hansen Family
In the Fall of 2009 the Hansen family brought Rahel home from Ethiopia.
Rahel, the one with a scarf on her head, joins her sisters. Rahel with her sisters

The Kulp Family
The Kulp family received their grant in the summer of 2009. Elizabeth Kulp says, "Danielle is 7 years old. We brought her home to the US from Henan Province, Luahoe City, in China in mid September�2009, and although she's had some surprise medical issues and surgeries, she is taking them all wonderfully and recuperating great!� Danielle has Down Syndrome, now that she's in the US she's attending school everyday and she loves it!� Of course there have been some adjustment issues, but she's a sweet, loving girl who has made lots and lots of progress. She's really come very far in just 5 months. Our family, church and community have welcomed her with open arms, been by our side for support, and she is treated like any other typical kid, included in Sunday School, kids church, play groups etc!� Thank you so much for helping to make this adoption possible."
picture of danielle in the mirror

Danielle finds her own reflection calming.

picture of danielle in pool

Danielle's first swim

The Schley Family
Kevin and Anita Schley have three beautiful adopted children, two boys from Kazakhstan and a girl from Viet Nam. They received a grant in the summer of 2009 from Golden Dawn Adoption Assistance Inc. to help them bring home a 9-year-old girl named Yue Yu from china. You can keep up with them by reading the Schley family blog describing their ongoing adoption journey at Schley Family Blog

picture of the Schley family

The Schley family

picture of Yue Yu with dolls

Yue Yu with Blondie and Violet

The Grove Family
As the recipients of the first grant given by Golden Dawn Adoption Assistance Inc. the Grove family traveled to Ethiopia to bring home their two-year-old son Tadesse "Teddy" in November of 2008. Teddy arrived home on November 28 to much love and excitement. To read more about the Groves experiences and the true miricles surrounding Teddy's journey to his forever family go to Kelly's blog at Gathered Angels
picture of the Grove family picture of Teddy

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